Here, some words from a guy that has been around Nikon-stuff for very long, read and think:

Click here and read what there is under these links at the very bottom of the page:

Concise DX Lens Opinions
Rationalizing Lens Choices [1]
Concise Digital Lens Opinions
Nikon Zoom Lens Overview

[1] is the most general one, applies to all brands of SLR’s.

All the text is about current Nikon lenses, but I think there is a lot that applies generally. Should give you some things to think about as you plan your purchases.

Especially note the fact that he evaluates lenses from a usability perspective; lenses that weigh less for long walks and climbing, midrange for those wishing good quality for least money and then up to pro and luxury…

Lens markings:
Brand Nikon Canon SIGMA Tamron Tokina
Silent focus motor inside lens AF-S USM HSM USD/PZD DX II
Image stabilizer in lens VR IS OS VC N/A
APS-C -designation DX EF? DC Di II DX


Nikon sensor-sizes [mm]
16×24 24×36