Note: This works with images on only is a “magic” link on – by adding this text:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">
B l a c k M a g i c</a>

in any image comment, you will get a clickable link – as ususal. With one difference, this link is magic in the sense that it adapts to where it is – there is no need to specify more – the image that you commented will show up in the blackmagic browser (as you click on the link!).
BlackMagic also remembers how you were viewing images last time. Medium/Large, black or grey background; change your settings and they will be used next time.

As you see the image, there is a “More” link in the upper left corner.
A click displays a bunch of text (begins with “<a” and ends in “</a>”)…
This bunch can be copied into any place where “HTML” is accepted… The result is a “BlackMagic”-link to the image (including the current settings).

More info:  (and here)… and of course, a login at is required (free with some limits, or $25/year with unlimited upload) answers some questions

[*] The images on flickr has to be visible for anyone (BlackMagic is a browsing user here), nothing changes because of the above.
Public images are visible for anyone. Friends, Family or Private-marking – makes images accessible for the person who has logged in at flickr and has got the corresponding “flag” of you.