The following text is a pickout of the essentials of what appears here:

[0] I’d want to see a new control layout implemented to make use of the sub-command dial to control Auto-ISO. So basically I’d like to be able to hold the ISO button and use main-command dial to flip the ISO sensitivity like currently then use the sub-command dial to toggle Auto ISO. Another possibility is to have the sub-command dial flip through the shutter-speed threshold sequence of (Off – 1s – 1/2s – 1/4s – 1/8s – 1/15s – 1/40s – 1/60s – etc).

[1] Increase bracket spacing out to at least 2EV.

[2] Allow the user to reprogram the Qual, ISO and WB buttons. I think the Qual button is the most wasted piece of button real-estate on the camera. And of all things, it’s the biggest button on the dial-block. They should at least make it reprogrammable. Do people really need to switch between RAW, JPEG and TIFF fast and often? I would have loved to have reprogrammed it to be my bracket button instead of having to burn my Func button for that purpose.

[3] Hell, while we’re at it, make the row of buttons along the side of the LCD also reprogrammable with soft-switch labels displayed in the monitor.

[4] Allow the user to flip between the old-style (button+dial) playback zoom like that used on the D200 and still currently used on the D3 or the new style dedicated-buttons zoom.

[5] Live Histogram for Live View mode

[6] A proper shooting mode MLU that can be tied to self-timer like Sony cameras do. Also make it possible to optionally use it for bracketing so that the mirror only does one flip up and remains up while the shutter fires through the bracket sequence. Additionally, make this option available as a separate “stealth shoot” feature for any continuous-drive shooting mode. Canon has implemented a “silent shoot” feature in their cameras.

[7] Ability to easily tie in single-button push and self-timer to bracketing. Currently we have to play games with the intervalometer. Canon has implemented single-button bracketing.

[8] Use the orientation sensor of the camera to flip the LCD display for menu and playback. Sony cameras already do this.

[9] I’d like to see handling of Shooting Menu and Custom Settings Menu bank changes done by holding down the Menu button and then rotating the command and sub-command dials to flip through the Shooting and Custom Setting banks respectively.

[8+] Orientation sensor usage. Even my little canon P&S does this!

++ Also, I want to be able to program a function button + command dial to cycle through the picture controls. It would automatically call up that menu and display it on the LCD as you cycle through so that you can see which to choose.

I have a Sony TV Remote control unit (RM-AX1400) that allows you to program any function or even a series of button presses (they call it a macro sequence) to any button you wish (with a few exceptions) in a PC application and then load your settings to the remote via USB. It seems entirely reasonable to expect a 1500 dollar camera body to match that level of customization.

Ethan Parker
+++ One firmware upgrade that I would like to see is the ability to program one of the function buttons to focus the lens at its hyperfocal distance for the aperture being used.