Openoffice is well known, appears to work really fine and all that… I plan to be using it from now on.

But there seems to be one part that is missing; a TRUE PIM, as in Personal Information Manager. At work I make HEAVY use of Outlook – I’ve got used to it and wish for the same abilities from the software I use at home. There seems to be candidates here, but the first one that appeared was found to be quite buggy.

That is “Evolution”, googling found me versions 2.21, 2.22 and 2.28 – none of these builds appears to work well on windows XP SP3. There is a 2.24.0 too, which I have been running some more – haxing around to get my mail archives appear in it. These appears to be built using the MinGW compiler, which I have mentally “attached” to the POSIX emulation. Obviously there is a lot more work to do here; MS-Exchange connectivity appears to be buggy – and yet enabled per default. (Note: I don’t have an MS-Exchange server to connect to).

True limitations exist; a simple one is the fact that you cannot MOVE mail folders! I’m stumped, am I the only one in need of restructuring the contents of the mailbox? Really!?

There seems to be other alternatives, KOffice for one, but the non-prescence of WINDOWS builds is really disappointing.

Switching to Ubuntu or another Linux distro would mean giving up entirely on ACDSee Pro, Lightroom and Ps (which I don’t find fault free)… Though there seems to be some alternatives that are free, these don’t fulffill my needs – my workflow is all 12-16 bits. (Gimp is 8 bit only, Fotoxx and whatever all seems a bit disappointing in features).