Select some images,
then press CTRL+M.
Enter this in the “Notes” field:
—8<— begin —
<File Properties:Filename (w/o extension)>, <Camera:Model>, <Image:Exposure time>, <Image:ISO speed ratings>, <Image:Exposure bias value>, <Nikon Maker Notes:Lens>, @ <Image:Aperture value>|<Image:F-number>, <Image:Focal length>, (35mm: <Image:Focal length in 35mm film>)

—8<— end —
Click on [Save], enter a name to have it appear as a choice from now on.
Click on [Perform set information] to make the EXIF-data (as specified above) appear in the Notes field for the selected images.

As you upload to flickr using the ACDSee uploader, make sure the settings under [Edit default settings] reads “Get description from: ACDSee Notes”.

That’s it.

Form now on press CTRL-M,
restore the saved setting,
click on “Perform…”, 
do any additional work, that doesn’t reset Notes-field,
then upload.