Today the family servant, a very new Volvo V50 2.0D, suddenly just died in damp weather with very little fuel in the tank.
The family servant leaving for repair...

… as we have a service and assistance agreement, there wasn’t much to it: just call that toll free number and have them come have a look. But the guy had no more luck than us, the car was loaded and went to the Volvo dealer for repair.

One more call and the search for a temporary replacement was initiated, an hour later we got a call telling where to pick it up. Here it is:

The dented rental vehicle that was provided...

… It is a V50 1.8F, less potent – which is fair – but not so nice is the fact that it looked like thi:

The dent... Well.

… lets hope they find and are able to repair the family servant with the three days we can have the replacement.