We (our family) have been bying a lot of furniture from IKEA the last ten years.
That also means “updates” on the furnitue we bought earlier…

First it was the Billy bookshelf, the exactly same coloring was out – had to select a similar but not equal one.
Office furniture was bought, first the color disappeared, then the entire series.
Kitchen chairs, we bought the last ten available in the store closest to our home.
Dinner plates, ahh… beatifully blue – not made anymore…

Now refurbushing our home: The bedroom furnitures are out, the color doesn’t appear anywhere – not possible to match.
Currently, the office furniture feels bulky, replacing with more compact versions… Kids needs new spring mattresses, wardrobe, a chest of drawers.

Matching anything of this to the earlier furniture seems to be a nightmare.
I’M BLACKMAILED! I CAN’T complement furniture without making a patchwork of all of it.