Modern equipment is built closer to the limits, in a hunt for cost reduction, to get lighter gear and all that.

A camera: I find a standard neck strap to be very “swing prone”, the Black Rapid type of strap is better, but not perfect, in this regard.
The first digicam I bought in 1999 had a wrist-strap, which I left dangling out of the waist pouch I got toghether with it… less than three hours after purchase I had successfully pulled the camera out of the pouch by getting that strap tangled somewhere on a bike… *plonk*plonk* onto the tarmac.

I did similar things six times while using that camera (four years), the last incident made something come loose inside – from then on I had a tiny black triangle on all my photos.

What have I learnt from this?
Well, be well aware of the possible ways to drop, pull or push your gear over any “egde”… Try to have a “safety net” applied always:
.) Keep that strap over your neck as soon as possible
.) Tuck it away *very* securely as you don’t have it over your neck
.) Place the gear “low” (on the ground or floor) as you’re leaving it
.) Put the gear into a bag (or similar) as soon as that is possible