If you’re attempting to use black and white film in an analogue camera, then as your usage rises; using bulk film is the way to go.
Bulk film is available mostly in 30.5 meter lengths, which equals up to 800 frames for the 35mm format, 20-ish reloads of your camera.

What you need is a bulk film loader and a set of casettes.
£20.41, http://www.firstcall-photographic.co.uk/products/3158/firstcall-bulk-35mm-film-loader – cheap, good?
£43.14, http://www.firstcall-photographic.co.uk/products/857/ap-bulk-35mm-film-loader – a bit more expensive, seems more reliable.
£6.16, http://www.firstcall-photographic.co.uk/products/825/firstcall-reloadable-cassettes-plastic-pack-of-10 – plastic casettes, metal also available.

Then you can have a go using many nice BW films at bulk prices (around half of the roll prices, at least for the more expensive films)
£30 to £55 each, http://www.firstcall-photographic.co.uk/categories/39/bulk-b-w-film?perpage=ALL

That is a total of £27 (or £50) for the gear, then “20 rolls of film” for £30 to £55 – add  £25.00 for the delivery within EU.
Sum: £57 to £105 for the gear and a £30-choice of film, £77 to £130 including delivery within EU.

The prices in GBP converts to 
just a tad less in Euro’s
and almost 10 times the numbers in SEK.