Finished a second roll of a pair of bulkloaded films today and decided to try Caffenol on the Tmax 400.
I’m not sure it turned out well, it is drying by now, but looks a tad dark.
I’ll scan it and decide what the result is based on that.

Facts for the dark result: Used EI 400 for the film.
Caffenol-C-M (32.4, 9.6, 24 grams of Soda, Ascorbic and Coffe in 600ml)
Approximately 20°C (my thermometer broke some time ago, haven’t replaced it yet)
13 minutes, five inversions per minute (yes, I want a bit higher contrast than normal).
No stopbath, just washed out the Caffenol (90 sek), then fresh Tmax 1+4 fix for 6 minutes.