EI 050

EI 100

EI 200

EI 400

EI 800

EI 1600

EI 3200

EI 6400


These were shot at the ISO indicated by the “EI” number and developed for 70 minutes in 300ml Caffenol C-M with an addition of 1g Citric acid (at 20°C). From how the scans look one could draw the conclusion that this effectively was a push to ISO 800 or 1600.
I also take the look of the negatives as an indication that Caffenol isn’t the best developer there is for Tmax 400.
Where the negatives should be “clear plastic” is an even “fog”, making the entire film be fairly dark. It scans OK though, given you adjust for “underexposure” in Canon Scangar (Curves: Pull the very middle of the curve right almost 1/4 of the width).