Photoshop menus:

Select > File > Import > CanonScan 4400F  (as an example)

Scan an image, just not from a newspaper (i.e. not a rasterized image)

As you get an image into Ps, do this:

Press F7, once or twice to display the Layers palette.
Hit J while holding CTRL  – I’ll write this as “Press CTRL-J” from now on – you get a new layer, a copy of the background layer.
Press CTRL-1 to zoom t0 “100%”.
Select > Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp mask
Set Radius: 3.3
Set Threshold: 5
Click [v] for Preview or type ALT-p to enable preview in the main window.
Now, adjusting Amount: should give a fair range of output;
Small images (e.g. 1.5MP) may not need more than 100%,
6MP or larger may require around 250%.
Look for bright lines appearing around dark objects. If you see these, lessen the amount until they disappar. Leave the Amount at an subtle level and then click OK.
You should have a sharper image now.

In the lower part of the layers palette you have a round icon that is half white, half black. Click it and a menu with adjustment layer types appear… Select “Curves”. A new layer appears in the layers palette and you get either a planel (Ps CS…) or a dialog (older Ps). Hold ALT and click [ Auto ]… A new dialog opens… the name should be “Auto Color Correction Options”.
Select [v] for “Enhance Per Channel Contrast”, “Snap neutral midtones” and “Save as defaults”, then click OK.
Click OK on the curves dialog.

The image should now look fairly OK – depending on if the source image was “natural”.