Seems Nikon has 18 and 20mm budget primes for FX in the pipeline:


The budget prime set:

18/1.8 –
compare to using 12mm on DX, with e.g. Sigma 10-20 or Tokina 11-16 zooms (though these do not have f/1.8).

20/1.8 – compare to 13.3mm on DX (similar to above)

50/1.8 – AOV of a 75/1.8 (on FX)

85/1.8 –
compare to using the above 50/1.8 FX on DX, similar AOV as a “127mm” or even the 135/2.0 DC on FX.


The 50/1.8D is 130€ (or slightly more for AF-S version),
the 85/1.8 is 400€-ish, can we sexpect the 18 and 20 to be priced in a similar range maybe?

The 18mm seems to have a good amount of components, which might indicate a higher cost of production – and a higher sale price in the end. The 20 apparently has less amount of glass…