How to make the number in the camera image file show a meaningful value – i.e. in par with how many shots your camera has actually taken.

First, to find the number of photos you have taken with your camera, you need e.g. Exiftool – which can be downloaded here:

As I write this the download is a zip file for windows.
The content is a single file “exiftool(-k).exe”; extract the file to e.g. C:\ if you cannot find a better place
(best place is a dir pointed out in DOS Prompt $Path variable).

As Exiftool takes the “(-k)” in the name as a parameter (it makes it go “– press any key –” and wait for a keypress), please rename the file – just remove that part.

Now, assuming that you have COPIED the last taken image into the same place, start a command prompt (Left Windows-key and R, type “cmd”, hit Enter)… and then type:

c:\>   .\exiftool   -l   -ShutterCount   _DSC8006.NEF 

(the WIDE spaces needs ONE space character – no other spaces should be typed, I show it like this for clarity)
as you hit enter on that, the response in a second or two should be:

Shutter Count

… but with another number (unless you have taken exactly the same amount of pictures with your camera).

The number tells which shutter actuation in order from the first that has been saved in the image file.

Above you see that the example FILENAME contained “8006” – which is a bit off from 28889. A reasonable number to appear in the filename – in my opinion – is the last four digits of the shutter count – i.e. “8889”.

To achieve that you go back to the memory card – where you left the original file – and RENAME it so it contains that number. Then “Eject” (Right click the device, i.e. “G:” below) the memory card and use the camera to take a new photo.

Now, as you return the memory card to the computer, the contents should look like this:

The number has adapted, and will be used from now on.

On the D300 and D700 first insert the memory card, then you may go into Custom Setting menu, option d6, and use “reset” instead of taking that photo.

To make the above really useful, this also assumes that you have set up the camera to keep increasing the file number, whithout resets. (Option d6 = on as left after a “Reset”, on the D300 and D700).