This requires a bit of scripting, I’d prefer Linux / bash as it is right now, but there might be other ways.
Might be it could be done with a BAT-script for Windows users will provide you with a lot of options, but it might a bit daunting – throwing you into a very Linux’y world.

Beyond the controlling environment, you need a copy of “wget” or possibly “curl” – both command line tools from the Linux world.

These will both grab the response on a URL “GET”, into a file if you say so (default is “print it”).
ULR: simple text – the very same you type in the address field of your browser.

You need these:
will create a list of ALL photo ID’s among other things, when given ONLY the user ID.
will give you the info about one of the photos, based on the ID.

Oh, you need to read the “Read these first:” texts to get somewhere at all.

… ^– that is all the basic info you need. Now the remainder is a bit of scripting.