Ubuntu; A sequence of actions that will work, regardless of the state of the system:

1 – Click on “System settings” and select “Color”.
2 – Click on the monitor you wish to calibrate,. click on the [ Calibrate …] button and folllow prompts.
3 – As you have the monitor(s) calibrated, click on the active profile and click [ View details ]
4 – On the first tab you will find a filename ending with .icc – drag your mouse pointer over it – making the text be selected. Right click on top of it, a menu appears: select Copy.
5 – Open Firefox, enter about:config in the address field, type gfx.col in the search field.
6 – One visible line should be “gfx.color_managment.profile_name”, double-click on it, clear any contents in the dialog that appears, and paste the filename.
7 – check the other “gfx.color_managment.*” settings:
.a — .mode should be “1” for enabling color management overall.
.b — .rendering_intent set to “2” for handling all content.
.c — .enablev4 set to “true” for allowing v4 profiles to be used. These has been around for long now, should really work.
8 – Close the tab, close and

… restart Firefox; It should be active / running as that has been done.

edit: NOTE that Firefox will only adjust to the profile of the actual monitor you pick in step step 3 above. You cannot set more than one to be actrive this way as far as I know. If you have multiple monitors, then those will not display as good a color match. It might still be close though ;-)

To calibrate monitors with ease you need e.g. Spyder 4, Colormunki – google those.
They come with software for Windows.

Ubuntu Linux contains ArgyllCMS with a special front end.
ArgyllCMS can be installed on other Linux brands if they do not have it or something else from start.
dispcalGUI is also a graphics front end for ArgyllCMS – a bit “techy” but usable already with default settings.


Check the result: http://www.color.org/version4html.xalter