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Explicitly about chemistry in photographic development, processing and wet printing.

Beautiful video, #1 (more to come?)



Caffenol, examples


C41, in a photo shop / lab


A tip for how to calculate the required amounts to mix for a target temperature with the prerequisite that you have two water supplies of known temperature (or one container with a known temperature that you wish to change)

No changes required for either Excel or OpenOffice Calc

How it looks when done; cells with Tempertatures and Target amount are for numbers you need to adapt for YOUR calculation.

Mix waterbath from cold and warm supplies
T/ºC Amount Liter
Warm 45 11.700
Cold 25 6.300
Target 38 18

… and here it is with the formulas visible, copy the dark area, paste it in cell A1:

Mix waterbath from cold and warm supplies
T/ºC Amount Liter
Warm 45 =(C5*ABS(B5-B4))/(ABS(B5-B4)+ABS(B5-B3))
Cold 25 =(C5*ABS(B5-B3))/(ABS(B5-B4)+ABS(B5-B3))
Target 38 18

General info on E6 processing at home


C41 – divided development

ECN-2 process film, cine film

Chelsea  – date codes

Remjet backing removal:

Now, if only silverprint would ship chemicals “overseas”… *sigh*

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Stock# Description Value
87869 SODIUM SULPHITE 500g (anhydrous) £3.17
76526 POTASSIUM BROMIDE 100g £2.27
51167 SODIUM CARBONATE 500g (anhydrous) £3.49
5179 CD3 Colour Developing Agent 25g £3.75
91 Delivery zone: Europe – zone 2 £20.00
Net Order Value £47.40
Total VAT £9.47
Total Order Value £56.87

Caffenol, a cookbook

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