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Panorama calculator, FOV, image count

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Anamorphic panorama pinhole camera

      a    d
+------\---------+   ^
|       \        |   |
|        x       |  56mm
+---------\------+   v
      c    b
<---- 115mm ---->

To cut up the side pieces;
– cut up a piece of board so that is 115x56mm,
– then make a mark 38mm from the left edge at a) and from the right edge at b)
– cut along the shown line.
– make marks at 38 mm once again, at c) and d)
– measure 46mm from a) against b), to get x),
– cut from x) to c)
– lay the pieces on top of each other so that c) and d) are at the same place
– cut at d) along the edge that differs.
… these form the side pieces.

The remaining pieces are rectangular:
2pcs 122×32 mm, with a centered hole on both – these are to hold the pinhole.
1pcs each that are 42, 46 and 56 mm – and 122mm wide. Ooops one more that is 42! (top&bottom)
53mm wide pieces, 2pcs each of 20, 21 and 29.
One more piece 53mm high, that is 75mm long and has a centered rectangular hole of 65x24mm – to allow the film to see light through.

The pieces [mm]
Side pieces as described above… 115×56 together.
122×32 (centered hole), 122×32 (centered hole), 122×42, 122×46, 122×56
53×20, 53×20, 53×21, 53×21, 53×29, 53×29, 53×75 (65x24mm centered hole).
One piece of aluminium foil, to cover the hole in the first to pieces (mounted between them), to allow making the pinhole.

Add: Glue, tape, shutter!, film, cartridges, filmforwarding…

Edit: 2011-06-12 @ 17:20 for a summary of the pieces.
Edit: 2011-06-13 @ 20:18 missing one piece.

Panoramas… a quick howto

1. Most importantly: Make sure you understand what the NPP (No Parallax Point) is about.
2010-12-11: might help.
More help;

2. Go out and take some photographs

3. Use the software you got and stitch the photos – may be a help. – a choice of software. – free software – free software

More technical information – contains a set of images that might help understand the issue of NPP, Panorama Pivot Point or whatever you might wish to call it. – more NPP info.

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