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Eh… I was supposed to write in English!
But there are things that are suitable for Swedes only.
Or are you going to buy the camera in Sweden? Nah… don’t.

Android, the better one…

I have a hard time to accept the iOS limitations;
you’re bound to use the A-p-p-l-e stuff or hack your way deep into the ‘s**t’.

Therefore I have been eyeing the Android phones a lot lately, and this just adds to my urge to get one of them:

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is just neat;

– I’d love to have more computing power and a fair amount of memory though (16GB is just bare minimum).
Computing power is rumored to be available in Febryary; quad core processors. Now, whether that actually has me BUY one is another big “Q” – time will tell.

Old related post –


Canon 500D+kit lens, dismantling – camera body. – reassembling the body,  is it possible to do that? – the lens.

Ehh… do not attempt this at home ;-)

SWEDISH: Legislation on photos
(länkad från ovanstående:

SWE: Handikappad – lat eller inte?


Ps, tutorials

For Swedish speaking people:
English speaking:


Brutus Östling, shoots birds for a living (Swedish)
The same in “English” translation by Google.

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