Same 36 frame film, frames 19 to 26.
Developed in Fomadon R09, diluted 1+49. Dev time 18:40 @ 21°C… 60 sec water wash as stopbath… Tmax fix for 5 minutes.
Agitation: slow swirling the 30 initial seconds (putting on lid), then a quick turn every odd-numbered whole minute.
(Base for dev 20 min @20°, temperature compensated).

Scanned with Canon Scangear 4400F, @ 600 DPI, all adjustments either OFF or normal.
Of course the negatives  varied in density – this was adjusted by adding ONE “Levels” layer to each image in Ps, with a click on [Auto] and relevant adjusment of gamma¹ added.
¹) middle triangle moved to adjust the overall brightness/darkness of the image.

EI 2000

EI 1250

EI 640

EI 500

EI 320

EI 250

EI 160

EI 100

 Conclusion: A wide range of exposure indexes can be used over a single film, developing in Fomadon R09 compensates this to some level.